Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard BLENDED LEARNING Course: $250.00
Lifeguard REVIEW Course: $190.00
Lifeguard INSTRUCTOR Course: $475.00


We fully realize this is a significant amount of money. This updated edition curriculum includes not only Lifeguard, but also CPR/AED for the Professional Lifeguard, aquatic-specific First Aid, Administering Emergency Oxygen, and Bloodborne Pathogens Prevention Training certifications. When time permits, Epinephrine Auto-Injector and Asthma Inhaler certifications will also be included. This select lifeguard training curriculum is offered only through AquaMed LLC. The Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid certifications are valid for 2 years each, all others — 1 year. With 20 contact-hours of instruction, rest assured you will be well-trained.

National ARC training standards require one instructor per every ten students. To provide you a better course, our classes always well exceed this instructor-to-student ratio. In addition, we provide advanced instructor trainers to oversee all of our instruction. As safety is our primary concern, an EMT is always on deck and one instructor assigned lifeguard duties during our water drills. We also routinely bring in guest instructors to address our classes: experienced lifeguards, medical professionals, and topic experts. You will never find pool staff, or fitness club employees teaching our courses. We believe lifeguards should teach lifeguards. All of our certified instructors, instructor trainers, and instructor trainer certifiers have strong, longstanding aquatic backgrounds.

We purchase and maintain all of our own rescue and training equipment to ensure a wide variety of quality rescue products for class use. Finally, our staff of instructors stands ready to back-up our training in the unlikely event one of our lifeguards is ever involved in a serious incident. You will simply not find this quality instruction and litigation support with any other lifeguard training, anywhere, for any price.

We take our responsibility in lifeguard training very serious. Our hope is that you come to fully understand what a bargain quality training really is, and value this instruction as much as we do.

Be A Lifeguard!