Pool Rules

  1. Bring swimsuit, extra towels, and dry cloths to every pool class.
  1. Wearing contact lenses in this class is not recommended.
  1. Swim goggles are not allowed in the Lifeguard course after the first class session. They are dangerous during rescues and unsafe at depth.
  1. PLEASE do not wear any jewelry in the pool. It is unsafe and unwise.
  1. Use ponytail holders if your hair is long. We have some if you do not.
  1. Leave anything of value at home or locked in your car.
  1. Class will meet regardless of weather conditions.
  1. Please turn OFF or SILENT all cell phones during class.
  1. Please do not eat a large meal prior to coming to class.
  1. If you have any questions, concerns, problems, or heartburn during or after this class, please talk with your LIFEGUARD INSTRUCTOR.


Be A Lifeguard!