Welcome to the Most Important Training You Will Ever Receive


Realize it or not, lifeguarding is the only profession that will accept a person 15 years old, and hold them legally responsible for the lives of others. As your instructors, we take our part in this charge very seriously. We believe knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better prepared you will be to respond to any emergency. After graduating our course, you will be the best trained and highest credentialed medical/rescue professional on scene. You will be in charge. We want you ready and able to shoulder this responsibility.

The American Red Cross offers additional certification modules that may accompany the revised Lifeguard course: Administering Emergency Oxygen, Asthma Inhaler Training, Bloodborne Pathogens Training, and Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training. Our curriculum includes as many of these as time permits. This select Lifeguard Training curriculum is only being offered through the GRIT Training Center, and AquaMed, LLC.

Your Lifeguard Instructors are all seasoned professionals, each with their own areas of expertise to draw from. Not only certified Lifeguard Instructors, many are authorized Instructor Trainers, some are Instructor Trainer Certifiers. Along with training lifeguards and authorizing lifeguard instructors, we routinely certify professional rescue teams in CPR, first aid, and emergency care protocols. We also teach and certify Open Water and Rescue SCUBA divers. Specialized lifeguard certifications such as Lifeguard Management, Waterpark Lifeguard, and Waterfront Lifeguard are available. Water Safety Instructor (WSI) authorization is also available. A technical course like this one is only as good as the instructors who teach it. Ours is a solemn promise to you to provide the best instruction available anywhere, for any amount of money.

Listen to your instructors, ask questions, and take in everything you can while you can. Participate in this course to your fullest. The week you spend in training with us will pass very quickly. The skills and knowledge you learn will stay with you for many years to come. The impact you may have on the lives of others will stay with them forever. Like many first-year students, you will find out that being a lifeguard is much more than you first thought. It is in fact, much more than most people will ever know.

Thank you for choosing to train with us. I hope you enjoy and learn something from what we offer. We solicit your opinion regarding our training. Please feel free to tell us what you liked, as well as any ways we may improve our course.

Be A Lifeguard!