Payment and Refund Policy

The payment of your enrollment fee (Lifeguard Blended Learning $250.00; Lifeguard Review $190.00; Lifeguard Instructor $475.00) does not guarantee or even imply that you will pass this course or any part of it. Simply paying your money and showing up for class will not be enough to attain certification. Successful course completion is dependent upon full class participation and attendance, acceptable performance of all water rescue and CPR skills, and passing scores (80% or better) on all written exams.

This same standard exists for recertification/review students.


Refund Policy

Full refunds will only be issued after the first night of class.


Missed Classes & Make-Up Work

Your lifeguard instructors for this class are all volunteers. They have only taken off enough time from work/family for the scheduled hours of instruction. In the event of any missed classes/requirements, it will be solely up to the student to locate another lifeguard instructor, contact them, and set up a time to make up any missed requirements. Expect to pay additional costs for any make-up work.

We will document what requirements you have completed and forward that information to your new instructor when they contact us. Your new instructor will issue your certification cards. The American Red Cross will only recognize a very short “grace” period (14 days) to complete any requirements after the initial class has ended. We will help you in every way we possibly can, but simply put, some students, because of their schedule, will never be able to complete this course!

Please consider everything before you enroll.

Be A Lifeguard!